What situations are good for chain-link fencing?

While chain-link fencing might not be considered the most elegant way to frame a property line, it certainly does hold great functional value for a number of different situations. When you need fencing to go up fast, or you need to secure the boundaries of a jobsite, chain-link fencing is an excellent, affordable option. Here's a look at five situations that are well-suited for the utilitarian value of chain-link fencing.

Construction Zone/Jobsite

When you need a barrier and border for you work zone that will effectively keep out the public, chain-link fencing can do the job. Whether in the suburbs or in a tight spot in the middle of the city, it can go up quickly and will be friendly to your project budget.


From baseball fields to tennis courts, chain-link fencing will provide a protective barrier between players and spectators, while still allowing bystanders to see through the fencing and catch all the action.

Temporary Fencing

Perhaps you're in a temporary living situation and so don't want to invest too heavily in your fencing. However, you still need it to keep the kids in the yard and trespassers out of it. Chain-link fencing is a great solution in such a scenario.

Grow Plants on It

If you choose chain-link fencing as a permanent option for your backyard, you may decide to cover it with climbing flora. Climbing plants that might work well depending on your yard's particular set of growing conditions include: passion flowers, honeysuckle, wisteria, and plain old ivy.

Dog Run

Give your pup a spacious, secure place to run around with a dog run made from chain-link fencing.

If you're considering installing chain-link fencing, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For chain-link fencing in Olympia and Yelm, WA, the experts to contact are at Wood & Link Fence Co. at (360) 347-2194. Go ahead and give Wood & Link Fence Co. a call today to request a free quote!

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