Best Types of Fence for a Farm

Types of Fence for a FarmOn the farm a fence can serve many purposes. Some fences are great for keeping horses, goats and other livestock penned up, other fences keep the wildlife out and your animals safe. The best fencing for your farm or ranch depends on your ultimate goal. While certain types of fencing are ornamental, they still serve a valuable purpose. Here is our guide to three top types of farm fencing.

Split Rail Fence

A popular fence choice for horse arenas is split rail fencing. This type of fencing is a great choice because it can be built to specific heights and doesn't take large amounts of lumber. It will keep your horses penned while arena riding and discourage them from wandering off while grazing. Split rail fencing is also a very attractive fence. It can be built out of many different types of wood so you can achieve your desired look.

Post and Beam Fence

A great fence for livestock pens is post and beam. These fences are similar in style to split rail fences but they use three or four horizontal beams instead of just two. This makes it difficult for animals, such as pigs, sheep, goats or otherwise, to squeeze through the openings to escape. This type of fence is available in many materials as well.

Chain Link Fence

To keep predators out over large areas of land chain link fence is an easy to install, affordable option. It isn't always the most attractive option but it comes in a variety of heights and is very durable. It can be topped with barbed wire or other material for additional security.

When you need fence for a ranch or farm you'll find that you have many options. For more information about the best type of fencing for your situation talk to a fencing professional, like the ones at Wood & Link Fence Company in Yelm, Washington. The expert fence installers at Wood & Link will help you determine what sort of fencing you should use, depending on your ultimate goal. For farm and ranch fence installation in Graham, Lacey, Olympia and other parts of South Puget Sound call Wood & Link Fence Company at (360) 347-2194 today!

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